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Tokyo Mew Mew Series Review

Summary: An accident at a museum endows 11-year-old Momomiya with the DNA of wildcats. Her new powers are put to the use when she is asked to join a secret group and is given the task of protecting the Earth from an unseen enemy. [Taken from TokyoPop manga version of the series]

Review: Now, yes, when you first read the summary and watch a few minutes of it you do get the strange deja-vu feeling that you’ve been here before. That’s how I felt at first but as I continued to watch I began forgetting its similarities to that other magical anime involving a moon princess and talking cats and began enjoying myself. On the originality scale, there are some things that seem predictable but it was the characters that got me really into this series. It is a bit bumpy near episode 11-13 but if you cut those out its actually a really nice series with funnies, character development, and (of course) magical transformations a plenty ^_^

Artwork does get better as the series progresses, they seemed to have been playing around with different artists for a few episodes but there wasn’t anything really bad that made me cringe. The music is cute and up-beat, matching the series very well. I do kinda wish that they changed the opening/ending songs but they did put in some musical bits in the later episodes that really enhanced the mood of the scene playing out.

The characters are enjoyable, none are perfect but none are complete idiots that grate on my nerves (save one, Pudding…she’s just too uber-cute sometimes). They really do work on making the characters seem like real people, including the villans! They’re not just evil aliens bent on the destruction of human beings cause they’re having a bad day, they’ve got reasons and they tell us them, and there’s relationship development between the two sides where it begins to feel like neither actually want to fight but don’t see any other way except going completely insane (one did actually do that).

Basically, I’d recommend this to people that enjoy shoujo, can bear cuteness, and want something with a good laugh while still becoming serious nearer the end. There is romance here, Ichigo’s got a boyfriend she keeps trying to keep in the dark about her Mew Mew-ness which can lead to some funny bits and some depressing soul-searching bits as well.

Overall Score: 8.25/10 B
Story: 8/10 (they regained the original lack of creativity by actually progressing things well)
Presentation: 10/10 (I love that there’s no super-girl or super-whinner)
Music: 7/10
Art: 8/10

Ichigo - Mew Mew Ichigo, the leader of the Mew Mews and the little red head whose just trying to get things back to normal. Poor girl even has to deal with sprouting cat ears and a tail when excited/scared (makes dating a bit troublesome)
Mint - Mew Mew Mint, a bit of a brat and doesn’t tend to work too hard but she does care about others. Gotta love a girl willing to jump infront of an attack to protect a puppy
Lettuce - Mew Mew Lettuce, the shy quiet girl who enjoys making dolls and visiting the library (although not always to pick up books ^_~)
Pudding - Mew Mew Pudding, hyperactive child who can climb almost anything.
Zakuro - Mew Mew Zakuro (Ok, I have trouble spelling her name), she’s an up and coming idol with a very loyal fanbase (ie Mint), she gives out advice about life and has an uncanny way of seeing what is beyond the obvious
Kisshu - Alien 1 (can’t think of what else to name him as), the first to meet the Mew Mews and probably the most persistent. He starts off seeing the girls as just some fun humans in the way but begins getting attached to Ichigo cause of her stubbornness
Pai & Taruto - Alien 2&3 (they come into the series at the same time), troublesome but very dedicated they will follow orders without wavering
Deep Blue - Head Alien Honcho


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